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Here we are with a new episode on the blog! Today we talk about postproduction.. As you know I am not a magician in post, but I’m trying to improve it a lot because I think it can make a real difference! In addition in some areas of photography such as fashion photography, photo editing is not an option but a must do. And because I like to know to be ready even to that, I studied a lot photo editing, and last week I attended the workshop High-end retouch held by Carrie Beene.

For those who do not know, Carrie is a professional retoucher and has a study in New York (one study for only photo editing, not photography! Things almost unthinkable in Italy..), and works for all the major brands in the world, from Maybelline to Revlon, MAC, Elizabeth Arden, and of course also works for magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Sports Illustrated .. a great CV!

During the workshop, Carrie explained some of her techniques for retouching and showed some examples of her work (a funny episode was when she showed us a photo of a wrinkled old woman whose skin was magically become that of a beautiful forties, telling us “If you arrive at this point, you should never get to things like that! ” 😀 ). At the end of workshop she also showed a book she wrote titled Real Retouching: A Professional Step-by-Step Guide

, which of course the next day I immediately proceeded to buy!

In the book she explains more or less the same techniques that I saw in the workshop, but also some tricks that she had not told us and therefore to buy the book was useful 🙂 For example, to smooth the skin, Carrie, well, she does not smooth! She never uses the blur to the skin, but only provides a never-ending work of dodge and burn, with masks very very fine and using a very particular brush.

Finished the book I wanted to test if I could really apply these techniques, and so I took one of my old photos in the studio already considered beautiful (it was in my portfolio) and I tried to apply this high-end editing. Now .. purists think that maybe I exaggerated, but consider that for fashion photography or advertising of perfumes (or beauty products) is absolutely normal. And the result is what you see below! (If you pass the mouse over it you can see the before-after comparison, and if it does not, wait a minute to load the other image!).

Here under you can find a 100% zoom of the cheek zone, so you can evaluate the work on the skin (and consider that I didn’t apply any blur, only dodge and burn!). Also in this case you can pass the mouse over to see the difference before-after.

And finally here you can find an example of the masks. As you can see you can see the shape of the face!


I leave you with the finished photo, tell me what you think about it!!


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