Hi guys!

I do not know if it happens to you, but when I go to the bookstore I am often fascinated by the covers of the books, especially fantasy (because I love this genre). Lately the publishing industry devotes more attention to the cover, which I think is important. In fact, though some may say that what matters is the content of the book, it is also true that the lightning strike often comes to us from the cover.

I then decided to self-assign me a task: to create a beautiful cover, one that would attract me at first glance and would make me want to buy the book. To do this I analyzed those that inspired me the most and I noticed that typically they are almost monochromatic, they present as tribal symbols, and in almost all the subject is a girl (one example among all “Fallen” by Lauren Kate).

For the base photo I took advantage of the fantasy fest that takes place on April 25 of each year in Soncino, where I went with my girlfriend for a bit of fun and to take some pictures. At the fest I found a dear friend, you have already met in a previous episode of the blog: Lorella! Do you remember the pictures on the seafront of the girl with the violin? Well it’s her! 🙂

For the occasion, Lorella was dressed as an elf (with long ears, which we also bought me and my girl hihi), and wore a long dress and elegant made with chenille. I had only a flash and a soft-box, so I had enough to get me to get the picture. I then thought of an easy scheme, always of great effect, i.e. the girl sitting and looking up at the camera with a soft light on the side. Put the camera in manual mode, I had the 24-70mm f2.8 lens set to 70mm (ISO 100, 1/200, f \ 4.5 to have a little depth of field), I set the flash (controlled via radio trigger) parable to 24mm and with enough power to evenly illuminate the face (power which proved to be equal to 1/4), as proposed in the diagram below (excuse the drawing, are not very good at drawing by hand!):

You can see the result here after:

At this point it was only a work of post-production, trying to apply those features that I had seen in the books: clean up the file (for example, remove the elf ears, reduce the brightness of the green behind), make it more monochromatic, add graphics, and add title, author and publisher of the book. Well of course it is a cover invented, so even the title, author and publisher are invented, as you can see from the picture found below!

What do you think? I am very satisfied with the result, and I must say that if I found a book with a cover like that, it would attract me a lot, so I would read at least the summary or a few reviews of the same! And then maybe I’d buy it too! (p.s. about books, as well as fantasy novels, I’m reading two new photo books, of which as always I’ll post the review in the what to read? page asap!)

See you soon guys!


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