Hi guys!

Today’s episode has for me a great meaning.. all my friends know that my favourite photographer is Joe McNally, for his taste in the photos he realizes, and, after reading his books, also for his attitude towards people.. Joe has an entire section of his site about ballerina’s shots in particular locations.. in one of his books he says something like “if you have a photo which doesn’t mean so much, well put a ballerina inside and magically it will become a great and poetic shot”. I fully agree.

Today I make true a dream, i.e. publishing ballerina’s photos me too.. The ballerina is named Giada (yes, like my nephew!) and she’s been truly perfect for the occasion.. she let me realize powerful and poetic shots at the same time.. so a great thanks to Giada, who has had the courage to run dressed like a classical ballerina in places where there were also other people!

About the technical part, well, I made everything.. some strobist shots with E-TLL, some with the radio triggers, and some without flashes! (yes guys, it rained all week because I made some shot WITHOUT FLASH!) I don’t want to bother you with techs, also because I did not adopted any particular tecniques.. if in the next sets I make something special I will explain to you!

I leave you now to the photos (the official 6 and some funny backstages) and comment, comment, comment!

Another great thank to Giada, and also a great thank to Patty, Rosalba, Francesca and Patrizia, who has been very precious for their help!



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