Hi guys!

Holidays are going to finish (almost for me) and the blog hasn’t been updated anymore, because I was always on the beach doing some sunbathing.. but now that I’ve come back I want to start immediatly with a new saga! As I started the ballerina project with Giada, so today I start the color project with Chiara!!

What is the color project?

The color project is an in itinere project.. i.e. it will update in a long time, as the ballerina project.. in every episode I will concentrate my attention on a color, so do not espect a set with a lot of photos.. for every episode there will be only one shot, with a well defined color as subject.. and today the color is blue!

Which is the idea for this first shot of the color project?

Blue.. for me blue evokes water.. here the idea to do the shot along a river.. with Chiara obviously blue dressed.. however as you well know, despite we think that water is blue, this is not the reality, and the around landscape is usually green for the presence of plants.. but if you know how to do it, you can obtain a great blue already during the shot without using photoshop!

We want the technical details!

In order to obtain blue already during the shot when you are outside it is sufficient to work on the white balance, and put it on tungsten. The world will magically turn to blue, giving us very blue skies, and landscapes with cold tones which remind fantastic worlds..

However if you have a human subject in the photo, obviously it will turn to blue, and the result is that he/she will seem a smurf.. how will we solve this problem? with a strobe obviously! the flash will be CTO gelled (color to orange), in order to warm the blue tones of the skin and return to its natural color!

Hereafter you can find a backstage shot which shows me with the tripod to hold the camera, given that the exposures times were of the order of 1/15, and my subject who gently poses for the first tries.. 🙂

As always, my cousine Chiara, a.k.a. La Muwa, helps me to do these shots, and in this situation she was used also as a VAL (voice activated lightstand).. it is very useful to have an assistant who changes flash power and parabole and moves it on the position you want without going always to change one single parameter.. thanks a lot Chiara! ^_^

And here you are the final result of all our work.. I hope you like it and I wait for comments!

Another big big thank to Chiara, who always says yes to my photographic proposals 🙂

See you with the next color!


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