Hi guys!

Today we speak of a photo that I made a few days ago.

But let’s start from the beginning: the association Tango Liguria (with whom I have already worked if you remember), asked me to take pictures that represent what makes the association to spread the tango, i.e. dance in the streets and public places. In particular, a good initiative that the association carries out is to dance every Sunday on the waterfront of Loano in the morning and in a beautiful square in the evening (always in Loano). We then took pictures that represent the two situations, some during the day along the promenade and some during the night in the famous square.

This square of Loano, for whom had never been there, is the square of the town and has the characteristic of being very special. In fact, there are lots of lights on the ground and the palace is lit with lights that change color gradually (covering from orange to magenta to blue to green!). Initially I tried to blur the lights on the ground using the 135mm f\2, whereby the optic was too long and the palace behind the dancers was lost completely, there were only dancers and ground lights out of focus. In addition, the lighting did not satisfy me because it was too normal.. an umbrella with a simple flash defiladed on one side.. There needed something more amazing.

I then abandoned (with great regret) the 135 f\2, and I switched to 24-70, which gave me the opportunity to take the whole town in its entirety. The light, however, did not satisfy me yet.. I then thought about adding a flash behind the subject, which would give me a little rim light and threw you a bit of shadows toward the subject. So classic pattern flash behind and flash on the side with umbrella. The pictures were good, but it still lacked the WOW factor! (I do not know if there really exists .. I made it .. it’s something that when you see a photo makes you say “WOW!” 😀 ) From here the idea: what if put out the flash with umbrella in front and let only flash back? the result would be this:

Two unknown silhouettes dancing in the night, no matter who they are, no matter why they are there.. they are dancing their tango intimately, both from the physical and sentimental point of view, improvising a dance that conveys intense and deep emotions.

The thing I find nice about this picture is that if one does not pay too much attention, it may seem a photo taken in the theater. The two dancers are illuminated with a bull’s-eye, the lights on the ground are those of the audience, and the lights above are those of the lodges of a theater. Very good, two photos in one! I can not ask for more!

This blog serves to point out that sometimes the lighting scheme easier it is also the most effective, and we should not complain if you only have one flash.. sometimes one flash is more than enough to exert a tremendous accomplishment!

See you soon,


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