Hi guys!

Today I present to you an episode different from the usual ones! The subject is not a nice model, but very beautiful Collies!

A friend of mine (Manuela) some days ago asked me if I was open to make some photos to these dogs that she and her boyfriend (Danilo) share and take care of, in order to publish these photos on a english magazine. I accepted immediatly!! A new challenge!

Our subjects are named Scacco Matto, Althea and Winnie! But let us start from the beginning.. We started with Scacco Matto di Cambiano, which, after having been brushed like a star, posed for me in all its splendor..

I decided to use the 135mm f\2 (yes, I adore it.. it gives very nice blur and compression.. I think the only lens for which I would abandon it is the 200mm f\2, but given the price of this, I think I will continue with the 135mm hihi). And here you are Scacco!

The photo is nice.. but it needs something that makes it professional, and the face is in shade, a part of a spot of light near the nose.. I decide to use then the TriGrip reflector and I put on it the silver reflector, I give it to Danilo, and after a little moment he is able to use it perfectly.. and the photo changes completely! As you can see in the next photo, now the face of Scacco is lightened, without using flashes.. and in addition we have much more detail

Therefore we decide to make some shots in movement. And here the 135mm f\2 is again perfect.. it is very rapid (f\2 allows us to obtain very fast exposure times, able to freeze the movement) and it has a very fast focus system.. it is then sufficient to follow Scacco during its runs and here we have the perfect shot!

Now it is the turn of the other two stars of this story (not Manuela and Danilo!), i.e. Winnie and Althea!

The little Winnie is adorable and it has the most softest fur I ever touched in my life.. Here it is in all its splendor! (always 135mm and reflector)

And after Winnie it is the turn of Althea, which shows its very nice face for us

I hope this set, even without a nice model, has been awesome to read 🙂 For me it has been very fun to make these photos, and it gave me a lot of satisfaction, because I think I have been able to make photos which are right for a cynophilist magazine 🙂

See you next time!!

p.s. Merry Christmas to everyone!


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