Hi guys!

I’m finally back from vacation! I was a bit in Liguria and Lazio, and of course I took the opportunity one day to make a nice strobist set!

In Liguria, in fact I used the presence of a friend of mine named Lorella to take pictures on the beach. Knowing that she is a good violin player I thought “why not make a set with the violin in the evening on the shore?”, and after having asked her, after two days we were ready to make the photos!

Small problem: Liguria is facing south so the sun doesn’t set over the sea (which would have been the best thing), but gives shades of sunsets very soft, so the subject has to be strong, with a lot of energy. And fortunately Lorella with his violin was perfect for this role!

But let’s get to the technical part .. I wanted the photo to be wide angle, I had already imagined to 10mm with the 10-22 .. I tried it out for curiosity 24mm on the 5dII, but I saw that it was not the right lens.. then the good old 400d, 10-22, and so WIDE! I did a test shot to the landscape and ISO 200, f \ 5.6 and the machine proposed a time around 1/125, so I decided to put in manual mode (M) and underexpose slightly by placing the triplet ISO 200, f \ 5.6 and 1/200. With these values obviously without the flash the model would come underexposed, and then I pulled out the 580EXII, and I used it to light. And since I do not have a boom I decided to take my girlfriend Stefania to keep the classic tripod with the flash and umbrella! Just to say you the values, I set the 580EXII at 1/2 power, a 24mm parabole and full CTO gel on it. The umbrella was pointed in front of the model from above, as you can see from this picture that has been the umbrella in the frame (unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of real backstage)

You can find the two resulting photos hereafter, I sincerely hope you enjoy! I wait for comments! 🙂

Thanks again to Lorella for being my model and Stefania that helped me a lot to hold the flash and umbrella in the right place!


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