Hello guys!

So .. first of all a little news: if all goes well these days I will make some picturea that could be very interesting, so stay tuned! (Of course I will shoot a video of behind the scenes!).

Today we speak about a subject that should be very important for all of us photographers, i.e. the management of our portfolio of photos. In fact, as one starts taking pictures more seriously, it is very easy to have with millions of files, divided into folders, subfolders, etc.. To properly manage such a huge amount of material it is very helpful to use special programs such as Adobe Lightroom or Apple Aperture (there are others, but 99% of the photographers use these two). Basically they do the same thing, that is they allow you to organize your shots and make some initial treatments. Often, if the picture is not too important (in which case you use programs such as Photoshop), or if it is already good enough to start, the post that you can do with Lightroom or Aperture is more than enough. I personally use Lightroom, because I find it more immediate and lightweight to use, and also when you start with one is hard to leave!

Personally, I have several catalogs, and depending on the kind of photos the load on one or the other. In particular I have the following catalogs:

  • strobist2013 (for shots with my friends speedlights)
  • nature2013 (for landscape and macro shots)
  • famiglia2013 (for shots of the family)
  • altro2013 (for all other shots)

In addition, every time I do a service for a client, I create a separate catalog. As you may have guessed every year I recreate all the catalogs, so they remain light and easy to open. Once a photo has been postprocessed I create a folder in the original called “master” and position it inside, so that it is easily retrievable the final version, without seeking in the midst of all the others.

Lightroom can be a great and effective help for all of us, so if you want to learn how to exploit it to the bottom you can take a book I read recently that I found very valuable: The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Book for Digital Photographers

by Scott Kelby. I wrote a review of the book on what I read? (Which has been updated and to make it easier to see now divided into tabs), so that you can understand what it is (it costs quite pricey, but they are 500 pages in color!). Also you point out that my dear friend Mattia for a while time is pursuing an online guide to Lightroom, which gradually adds more and more useful tips! Of course, it is not as complete as the book, but for those who want to begin to understand more can be a useful start!

See you soon! (Hopefully with some new photos!)


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